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This is your entry point to a number of Online-Web-Services for games like JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multiplayer, Schoolgirl AI (Android, Amazon fire) aka Yandere Schoolgirls Online (iOS, iPhone, iPad) or Chibi 3D Multiplayer (Android, iOS, Amazon fire)
For example: If you want to create and upload your custom textures for Schoolgirl AI / Yandere Schoolgirls Online - this is the right place. If you want to link your AI Accounts to Google Mail (as a Password Recovery Backup) you can find the page here.
These Online Web Services allow you to customize your Avatars with own Photos, upload animated .mp4 Avatars, stylize your Usernames, uploading Gallery Photos, Wallboard Banner, self request Discord Roles and so much more.

These Services enhance the gaming Experience but are fully optional.
This page KurenaiGames.com is the parent page that collects all important links.

Visit Discord for Support, Bug or Feature Requests or just meet same minded people.
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